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Recommended application


10 ml/1 liter of water


5 l

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Chloris Professional Flowers:

  • Extends the storage life of cut flowers
  • Improves water uptake
  • Slows down the wilting process
  • Provides clarity and good water quality
  • Disinfects water and shoots from pathogenic bacteria and fungi
  • Breaks down ethylene

Product for the prevention of fungal, bacterial and viral diseases, authorisation number: 7790/19.
Chloris Professional Flowers contains electrolyzed water (ECA). The active substance of the ECA is
hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid is an important component of our immune system. It is used by the body to
fight inflammation and disease infections. It takes part in protecting our body against pathogens. Chloris
Professional Flowers contains stabilized hypochlorous acid.

Recommended use:

Transport, storage, displaying:
10 ml/1 liter of water

Polish product

PZH tested B-K-60210-0825/20

100% biodegradable

100% natural ingredients

It prevents the growth of harmful bacteria

No grace period, leaves no residue

Hypoallergenic, safe, do not cause burns, do not require special treatment

Harmless to humans, animals, plants and the environment