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Chloris ZeoSand is a complex soil additive that improves physical, biological and chemical properties of
soil; increasing efficiency and utilization of nutrients in soil. It represents partiar form of Zeolite –
Klinoptilolite for horticulture and agricultural applications. Inner Zeolite structure comprises of pores
and hollows interconnected in channels where metal cations or water molecules are stored.
Accordingly, Zeolite is capable of absorbing in ions in its inner structure and it performs as ion exchanger
and adsorbent. Total volume of inner hollows covers 24 -32 %. High level of Zeolite processing ensures
significant reversible ZeoSand hydration and dehydration. Zeolite is used in horticulture and agriculture
at plants growing in the form of soil conditioner or Zeolite manure (e.g. with NPK addition) and high
benefits for soil and plants:

  • allows for nutrients N, K, Ca, and Mg retention, content regulation and slow release in the soil, and these nutrients become more and longer available for the plants that can utilize them more effectively
  • regulates water regime in the plants and ensures more effective water management increases soil water capacity and retention,
  • it has anti-acidification effect, improving soil structure that results in soil yielding increase and aeration,
  • prevents from nutrients washout in underground water – protects underground water and contributes to environmental protection,
  • creates conditions for effective growth, better condition of plants and building of a strong root system,
  • it replenishes biogenic and trace elements, e.g. calcium, molybdenum, manganese, titanium, etc.

Polish product

PZH tested B-K-60210-0825/20

100% biodegradable

100% natural ingredients

It prevents the growth of harmful bacteria

No grace period, leaves no residue

Hypoallergenic, safe, do not cause burns, do not require special treatment

Harmless to humans, animals, plants and the environment